Like many times before, I tend to change my hobby into a business - which means I havenít got a hobby anymore. Thatís one of the reasons that updates to this web site became more and more rare. Right now, Iím working on several turbine engines, most of them turboshafts, in the small power class between 5kW and 110kW. Basically, I carry out the design and construction phase until a running prototype status has been reached. Furtheron, I support the contractors during initial series production. Unfortunately, the confidential character of the contracts doesnít allow me to share much information here.

My other sphere of activity is still electronics, once again mostly related to turbines (what else could it be...?). From my collaboration regarding the turbine conversion of an Ultrasport 496 experimental helicopter to a Solar T-62T-32 turbine engine, a quite sophisticated and well thought-out ECU resulted thatís available for sale in small quantities.

Yet, Iíll keep my ďTurbinemuseumĒ web site online and add a section when time permits.

Latest engine: Garrett AiResearch GTCP85-160


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